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Staff positions


  • Regional Sales Manager  2016-09-18

    Job responsibilities:
      1、is responsible for the maintenance and the South China market development work;
      2、the participating companies to develop marketing strategies in South China;
      3、the company involved in the development of the South China market sales targets, sales model, sales incentives settings;
      4、dealing with customer demand;
      5、from the customer point of view, the product development to provide guidance and advice;
      6、other related work assigned by the company;
      7、can be agents and other forms of cooperation.

      1、chemistry, materials science and related fields, there is a wealth of marketing experience;
      2、good judgment and ability to open up the market;
      3、there is a high degree of enthusiasm and good communication skills;
      4、familiar with cooking utensils, small appliances, walls of any industry, there are customer resources;
      5、there is paint sales experience is preferred.


  • Market Development (Turkey)    2016-09-18

    Job responsibilities:
         1、charge related industry market research, information and screening, sorting, aggregation and analysis, an analysis report to provide support for the company to develop marketing strategies;
         2、 according to the needs of the company and the market, to develop appropriate marketing plans in Turkey;
         3、 responsible for developing new channels;
         4、 organization and implementation of activities related to the promotion, marketing the city to complete the task;
         5、 is responsible for the integration of customer resources, build customer databases, and maintain effective customer management;
         6、 the company assigned to other related work.

         1、More than 5 years of marketing experience;
         2、has a wealth of experience in marketing planning, to identify, identify potential business partners, familiar status of development of the industry market;
         3、with excellent marketing skills, strong marketing and operational capacity;
         4、excellent marketing, project coordination and negotiation skills;
         5、with a high degree of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility;
         6、familiar with Turkish cookware market preferred.



  • Environment / health / Safety Engineer (EHS)      2016-09-18

    Job responsibilities:
    1、 responsible for the company EHS work, and regularly to the development situation of EHS company work report;
    2、 to participate in the formulation of the company's annual EHS plan, and track its completion;
    3、 Formulate and improve plant EHS system 3, organization, and supervise and inspect the implementation;
    4、 responsible for new employee, EHS training, and supervision and inspection departments, teams do two or three level EHS training; advocacy organization staff regularly EHS       training and on the;
    5、 on-site inspection of EHS, put forward the improvement opinions and demands on the existing problems, and urge the relevant departments of the rectification;
    6、to participate in new, alteration, expansion and interior decoration projects such as design, review, completion acceptance;
    7、 be responsible for setting up emergency plan exercise plan and organize regular exercise;
    8、to participate in making the audit plan, audit and its completion;
    9、other matters assigned by the company.
    1、college degree, safety engineering, environmental engineering or related major;
    2、 three years or above related working experience;
    3、with safety engineer qualification, familiar with national security laws and regulations and local environmental protection policies, strong sense of responsibility, serious attitude;
    4、 understanding of ISO9001, ISO14001 and other related knowledge;
    5、good communication and organization skills.
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