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  Excilon development in other fields:

● Mobile phones and other electronic products
   The high hardness and abrasion resistance properties of Excilon ceramic coating can effectively protect the substrate such as the cell phone screen 
    from being scratched.
● Automotive sector
    Excilon ceramic coating is high temperature and oil resistant, and can dissipate heat effectively in the engines, exhaust pipes, radiators and other 
    components through the form of far infrared. It is the only material that is both protective and can serve to enhance heat dissipation.
● Automobile decoration
   At present, automotive paint can easily be scratched. If Excilon coating is coated on the surface, it will not only enhance the abrasion resistance but 
   also reduce the impact of gravel, and also improve the stain resistance and easy clean withthe lotus-leaf surface's self-cleaning effect.
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