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Since February 18, 2003 Daegu subway fire accident, it is now widely known that casualties of fire are caused from the toxic smoke released during the fire, as traditional organic materials will release a large number of toxic gases, which will lead to suffocation. Excilon ceramic coating is similar to the stone and sand, which is non-inflammable and smokeless, significantly reducing the hazard of fire.
Coating Properties applied in railway vehicles:

Non-inflammable and smokeless
   Excilon ceramic coating is purely inorganic with non-inflammable material and smokeless, which can significantly reducing the hazard of fire.

● Artificial contamination resistance
   Excilon coating has low surface tension, hence it can prevent graffiti. Thus, water-based marker pen graffiti can easily be erased, and oil-based marker 
   pen graffiti can also be easily erased within 8 hours (can also be cleaned by using Solvent Detergent if more than eight hours).
● Scratch resistance
   The hardness of ceramic film can reach 8-9H pencil hardness. The dry film will not get scratched or destroyed easily by coin or key.

● Excellent weather resistances
   The main component of Excilon ceramic coating is colloidal silica, which has excellent weather resistance.

   Application story: Shenzhen Metro Line 1
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