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The substrates of current cookware is mainly "iron, aluminum, stainless steel"
Iron pan: thin-walled construction, uneven heat distribution, cheap but easy to rust, may not be healthy. Also the statement that iron pan can supplement small amount iron is misleading. Human body can absorb Ferrous Iron (Fe2+), while Ferric Iron (Fe3+) is insoluble which is available on the surfaces of iron pan, which human body cannot absorb. 
Aluminum pan: aluminum pans are lightweight, durable, fast heating, even heat distribution, no rust, and affordable. At present, all surfaces of aluminum cookware are coated as bare aluminum substrate is not suitable for direct food contact. 
Stainless steel pot: rigid material, durable, resist corrosion and stain, heavy weight, high prices, easy-yellowing, difficult to clean.
Cookware coatings currently divided into: fluorine coating, Excilon, silicone
Fluorine coating: excellent non-stick properties, corrosion resistance, but poor wear resistance under high temperature, and can only be safely used below 260 degrees, fluorine coating will release toxic fluoride beyond 260 degrees.  
Excilon: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistant at high temperature, colorful, but long term non-stick property is relatively weaker. 
Silicones: colorful, low-cost, environmental un-friendly, only for exterior coating.
Regardless of the coating type on your cookware, we recommend a replacement every two years. 
Coating thickness on the cookware is ranging between 30-50um, with abrasion during daily usage, cookware base will soon be exposed, and food should not be in direct contact with the aluminum from a health point of view.
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