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  • Li Feng Li: Exploring start-up enterprise management mode 2014-07-24
    July 23, 2014 CBN Channel - Finance nocturnal line, youth entrepreneurship pioneer Lifeng Li ...
  • Frankfurt Ambiente 2014-07-06
    With over 4,500 exhibitors, the Ambiente consumer-goods fair offers an unrivalled overview...
Celebrated "March International Women's Day"

      To celebrate the "March International Women's Day," the company union in March 7 festivals organized in advance, first came to the Liang xia town of Jinjiang porch Chinese village farmhouse, we are here to be close to nature, close to the honest, feeling the breath of the countryside.
      At 15:00 and when we came to the town of Zhu hang strawberry planting base, were picking strawberries activities, the use of spare time we spent in a busy healthy, happy, warm and memorable stay.
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