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Ph.D. in polymer



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I -- Li Lifeng, polymer material doctor, graduated from Donghua University in 2001.
Dr. general graduation almost to man age, so the doctor, in the work process, the relatively high cost of replacement industry. At the time I thought: must choose a worthy of my life to pursue the project. But how can the project is worth my life to pursue? After a lot of market investigation and literature search, I choose the appropriate porcelain dragon project -- health, environmental protection ceramic coating. That is to say, from the beginning of 2001 graduated, I have been committed to the research and extension should be porcelain long project, and firmly believes that Yi porcelain long future huge market space.
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    The Development Model of Start-up Companies

    There are usually two types of entrepreneurial models: one is rolling development model, another one is the sound development model.
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    The formation of the vision and mission

    With the vision and mission of the enterprise, companies have long-term goals, which need to achieve wholeheartedly and steadfastly.
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    Excilon "Three Steps" Development Strategy

    Though Excilon's vision and mission is very clear and firm, we still make "Three Steps" periodic strategic objectives for all our employees.
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    The Development Path of Excilon

    In accordance to Excilon's development stage, I have divided the company's development into four stages: survival, development period, from good to better, scale development or diversification.
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