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  • Li Feng Li: Exploring start-up enterprise management mode 2014-07-24
    July 23, 2014 CBN Channel - Finance nocturnal line, youth entrepreneurship pioneer Lifeng Li ...
  • Frankfurt Ambiente 2014-07-06
    With over 4,500 exhibitors, the Ambiente consumer-goods fair offers an unrivalled overview...
In January 30th, the Ministry of Health issued "the national food safety standards" Twelfth Five Year "plan (Draft)", planning of food, food additives and food related products of pollutants, toxins, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful to human health substances, pesticides and veterinary drug residue limits, the basis of food safety standards, amendments. Planning pointed out that, cleaning up enforcement content of agricultural products quality and safety standards, food hygiene standards, food quality standards and industry standard of edible basically completed by 2015, to solve the current standard cross, repetition, contradiction.
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