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Healthy life, better environment, are highly linked with new material development
Create Co-Win opportunities for customers, employees, cooperators and investors though the R&D and utilization of new materials.
Integrity, embrace changes, results-oriented, only seek successful ways.

Employment principles:

Excilon based on: Selecting, cultivating and promoting talents. Recruit highly potential graduates or inexperience people, and strive to cultivate, 
and gradually improved.  Excilon strictly prohibit recruitments from other companies in the same industry, but do not refuse hiring talented individuals 
upon leaving our competitors' companies.

Excilon Values:

● Excilon pursuits a passion and happy working atmosphere.
Excilon promotes the positive energy, and lead a good atmosphere of society.
Excilon will not only provide employees with reasonable incomes, more important is to cultivate employees and make progress together. 
● At Excilon, personal interest should obey collective interests, and collective interests should obey the national interest.
Excilon creates the material wealth and spiritual wealth for the society through technology, and get due reward.
Excilon insists not to sacrifice national resources, the environment, the health of others in pursuit profit.
Excilon dares to struggle with the social unhealthy practices.
Excilon aims high, keeps our feet on the ground, and put everything perfectly to become the model of industry.
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