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  • 1、Excilon conserve more oil and gas for our future generations

    The main raw material Excilon derived from natural stone or sand, while the main raw material of organic coatings are derived from petroleum or natural gas and other scarce and precious resources. Excilon is being promoted for application in various fields to replace traditional organic coatings, not only greatly improve the application performance, but also in the direction to conserve more oil and gas for future generations.

    Analysis of ROHS test report - Elements

  • 2、Excilon keeps the sky blue

    Excilon raw materials are mainly from natural stone or sand, so when disposing of this product, you do not need go through any process, it will restore to the nature. On the other hand, the traditional solvent-borne organic coating materials and film-forming substances are like plastics and rubber, will cause huge environmental pollution during disposal.

    VOC inspection certificate

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