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The main raw materials of Excilon come from natural stone or sand, of which main ingredient is silicone dioxide or silica. By adopting sol-gel technology, Excilon ceramic coating similar to glass or porcelain enamel can be formed at low temperatures or at room temperature. Excilon has the following features:
  • 1

    High temperature resistance

    Excilon film-forming substance is mainly silicon dioxide which is stable up to 1400 degree C. However, the temperature resistance is also subjective to the melting point of the coated substrates.
  • 2

    High hardness

    Excilon properties are similar with stone and glass, thus has the highest hardness among all the coatings, which means Excilon has an excellent abrasion resistance property, especially at high temperatures. While organic coating is like plastic, with a sharp decline in wear resistance at high temperatures, Excilon's wear resistance performance under high temperature, is suitable for application fields like cookware, irons, hair curlers and so on, where high temperature wear resistant is required.
  • 3

    Non-flammable and smokeless

    Excilon film-forming substance is mainly silicon dioxide, which is non-combustible or inflammable at high temperatures, and do not release any toxic gases, thus can greatly reduce the harm to human during fire hazard.
  • 4

    Superior weathering resistance

    Excilon has an excellent durability performance with up to 20 years against color fading or peel off, which makes it suitable for building facade and other weathering performance demanding fields.
  • 5

    Stain resistance

    Extreme smooth surface and low surface tension, makes Excilon anti-graffiti. Water-based pen graffiti, or solvent-based pen graffiti (within 8 hours ) can be easily removed, oil pen graffiti which lasted more than 8 hours also can be erased with the help of solvent-based cleaner .
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